Gallery Design for Henley River & Rowing Museum

Following on from the successful implementation of the “Henley Lives” exhibition, Henley River and Rowing Museum were keen to move forward a new gallery design.  The Museum houses an impressive and historical painting by Siberechts which brings Henley and its surrounding area to life.

Pica’s high level of understanding of the project requirements and the needs of the audience has resulted in a
complementary and enlightening interpretation of Siberechts painting. The information given will help to entice visitors from all walks of life and has been designed with longevity in mind.

Rachel Wragg, Senior Curator says “We were delighted to once again be working with Pica on our next project: designing the new gallery and supporting the Siberechts display. Pica are consistent in their approach and ensure they have a good understanding of what we need, and our visitors need in order to proceed. They come to us with a range of options and inform us as to their reasons for each choice. We are incredibly pleased with the result and
look forward to welcoming people to our delightful new gallery.”