Winchester Museums New Identity

Pica have worked with Winchester Museums to increase awareness of their presence in the City and attract a larger numberof visitors.

Our approach meant that we immersed ourselves in the project by studying each of the locations and periods that they were based upon which allowed us to absorb the atmosphere and provide a basis for our inspiration around the new branding and design.

The imagery created for Winchester Museums ensures that consistency is retained throughout the parent and sub

brands, and uses colour to differentiate between them. The completed visuals have outstanding impact on all of the promotional material. The new identity is designed to be flexible and has been incorporated across all deliverables such as the Museum publications, advertising, events and exhibition material.

It is imperative that with a project such as this one, Pica gets as close to the subject matter as possible in order to produce a highly recognisable identity that is memorable in the tourism market both nationally and beyond.

We created the strap line, if walls could talk which influenced the positioning for the brand and set the theme for the design. When creating a tourism brand, we put ourselves in the position of the visitor. In this instance, we wanted people to use their imagination, to consider how it was to live in the City through the ages. The journey beginsĀ  became the slogan for the City Museum. We used the WM initials and colour to differentiate between the parent and sub brands, at the same time giving a suggestion of the history behind each site with an added modern twist to appeal to the audience.